The Zen Rebel Project

What is The Zen Rebel Project? To answer that question fully, we must start with a shared understanding of a Rebel. We will then look at a Zen Rebel. And we will finish with the notion of The Zen Rebel Project. And, of course, you will get to see how you can join the Rebellion (and get a great t-shirt).

A Rebel by Any Other Name

Traditionally, rebels are seen simply as those who resist authority. But we will be using a different definition. Using the eminent sociologist Robert Merton’s definition, for us, rebels are those individuals who but who actively replace them with goals and means that reflected their own personal values and sense of purpose.

A Zen Rebel?

As a Rebel is one who replaces society’s normal goals of status and wealth with those reflecting their own personal values, a Zen Rebel uses Zen practice to become fully aware of what truly makes up one’s personal values.

And so, The Zen Rebel Project

The Zen Rebel Project is about showing individuals an alternative to society’s norms and means. That there is something beyond the goals of health, wealth and status and there are other means than education, self-promotion and the corporate ladder. See that this is indeed more than just rejecting society’s norms regarding goals and means, The Zen Rebel Project is about replacing them with value driven alternatives.
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Join the Rebellion

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