Zero Ts

Zero Ts and Bumper Stickers

Wear a ‘zero t’ and help inspire those in your world to see a bit more clearly and at the same time help us inspire the rest of the world to see more clearly as well. Maybe a bumper sticker?

If you live here in Albuquerque, plan on stopping by AZC to purchase your t-shirt or pick up a bumper sticker. If you live outside Albuquerque but within the US, please use the form below to set your preferences and purchase through PayPal. Note, that there will be a one-time $3 shipping and handling charge added. For those of you who live outside the US, please e-mail us at


got zero?

Size : SmallMediumLargeXLargeXXLargeColor : Black on YellowWhite on Blue

zero is

zero is the dark night sky before the lightning flash … zero is the perfect calm on a windy day
zero is the unwavering morning star
zero is the calm stream
zero is the steady flame
zero is ultimate truthzero is true love
zero is ..