Suggested Donations

MeetingRoomAll events, workshops and classes at AZC ask for a suggested donation – and that’s just what it is meant to be, a suggestion. Some people will be able to donate more, others less and there will be those who may only be able to donate a token amount.

Please realize that here at AZC, we strive to make all our activities available to everyone interested in beginning or furthering their Zen practice. No one will be excluded because of an inability to pay. Last, it is always possible to make alternate arrangements involving service, work at the Zen Center, other contributions, etc.

A Final Thought, Realize that Cultivating Generosity is Practice …

Dana is the Buddhist practice of cultivating generosity. As one of the six paramitas (perfections), dana is a core Buddhist practice. DanaThe One True Nature we share with all existence is realized when we spontaneously give ourselves to our world. Dana – selfless, spontaneous giving – is the essential activity of relating.

Dana is the foundation of true relationship. As a resource for Buddhist teaching and practice, Albuquerque Zen Center exists in dynamic inter-relationship with its supporters. Event, workshop and class participants in turn support AZC through their practice of dana.