Introduction to Zen Practice

zendo1Hearing the word ‘Zen’ usually invokes the image of someone in seated Zen meditation (zazen) – sitting cross-legged, eyes half-closed, with the hands near the navel. But for most Zen students, zazen is just one part of a more complete practice, loosely called Zen practice.

And why a ‘Zen practice?’ Because Zen is learning about yourself with an eye toward dealing with the realities and stresses and complexities of daily life … and as you know, daily life is much, much more than just sitting

The Workshop:
Learn zazen (traditional seated Zen meditation) and the basics of Zen practice (Tea Ceremony, Walking Meditation and Chanting) in this three night workshop. The workshop will be a blend of instruction, practice and discussion – with a natural emphasis on a ‘full-spectrum’ Zen practice.

Days and Topics:

5:30PM – 7:00PM

Who Should Consider This Workshop:
This workshop is generally geared toward the beginning meditator, but if you already have meditation experience, it can be a perfect transition into a full Zen practice. Also, it may be a nice refresher if you have been away from Zen practice for a while, or if you are new to the Rinzai style of Zen, or if you are simply new to AZC.

What You Will Get Out of this Workshop:
After completing this workshop, you will know how to sit zazen (the Zen form of meditation). You will also fully understand the distinction between a ‘Zen practice’ and ‘just meditating’.  And, if you choose to continue with a formal Zen practice, you will quickly feel quite at home at any of the zendo sessions here at AZC or at any affiliated Rinzai-ji Zen centers.

And Why a ‘Zen Practice’?
Because in this crazy, fast-paced world, we all need more than just being able to keep our mind still while sitting in a quiet room.

Your seiju-formalInstructor:
Your instructor is Kogan Seiju Bob Mammoser, the osho (resident priest) at Albuquerque Zen Center. With 40 years of Zen practice, 30 years as an ordained priest and 25 years as the founder and resident priest at Albuquerque Zen Center, Seiju brings a wealth of Buddhist scholarship, Zen study and practical teaching experience to this workshop.

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Things to Note:
Be sure to wear loose, comfortable clothes.

RSVP or Questions:
E-mail Seiju  or call the AZC office at 268-4877, or follow this link to the Workshops Registration page.