Intensive Practice Period March 7th – April 2nd

March 7th – April 2nd

This Intensive will focus on examining the last half of “Basic Teachings of the Buddha” by G. Wallis. Participants should review and clarify for themselves the first part of the book before the Intensive. There will be discussions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings after a period of zazen. We will begin with the 9th teaching on Tuesday, March 8th.

Participants are expected to come each day for sitting, Saturday samu periods, and serve as a Zendo officer during the Intensive. There will be a day sit on Saturday, March 19th. This will be followed by a Silent Sunrise Sitting in Old Town Sunday morning, March 20th. On April 2nd we will close the Intensive with Hanamatsuri, Buddha’s birthday, in the morning; and we will host a pot luck dinner that evening (both events are open to everyone).

Intensive participants are expected to attend all these events. Exceptions can be made, as necessary; but this is a time to explicitly prioritize formal practice over our everyday routine.

If you wish to participate, please contact the office; and mention any special circumstances you anticipate. There is a suggested donation of $100, but it is adjustable.

The Intensive is an opportunity, individually, to manifest a heightened commitment to practice; as well as an opportunity to, collectively, manifest a dharma-based community, sangha. Please contact the office if you have any questions.