seiju-formalKogan Seiju Bob Mammoser is the abbot and resident osho (priest) at Albuquerque Zen Center
A Chicago native and graduate of Northwestern University, Seiju began training with Kyozan Joshu Sasaki, Roshi, in 1974 at Mt. Baldy Zen Center in southern California. He underwent monk ordination in 1978 and in 1980 was appointed vice abbot of the Bodhi Manda Zen Center in Jemez Springs, N.M. He was ordained an osho in 1984.

Seiju founded AZC in the fall of 1989, moving into a cramped residence in the new Zen center’s rented quarters and initiating a regular schedule of daily zazen, dharma talks, discussion groups and zazenkai (all-day sittings). Seiju began each day with predawn zazen, chanting, and formal tea. Then he was off to his day job. Evenings found him back in the zendo leading sitting periods.

Seiju today is able to devote his full attention to the Zen center, thanks to support from the sangha. As one of Joshu Roshi’s senior students, he continues to study with Roshi as part of his ongoing work and commitment to practice. As a teacher in his own right, Seiju has also ordained Jundo Steven A. Slusher (2005).

Seiju is the father of twin sons, Kai and Gigen.