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Dana is the Buddhist practice of generosity. As one of the six paramitas (perfections), dana is a core Buddhist practice. The One True Nature we share with all existence is realized when we spontaneously give ourselves to our world. Dana – selfless, spontaneous giving – is the essential activity of relating.

Dana is the foundation of true relationship. As a resource for Buddhist teaching and practice, Albuquerque Zen Center exists in dynamic inter-relationship with its supporters. Members in turn support AZC through their practice of dana.

The suggested monthly membership is $30, although many people who can afford to give more do so. No one will be excluded based on income or inability to pay, however. It is always possible to practice dana through service, work at the Zen center or other contributions. The AZC board is responsible for the wise stewardship of the Zen center’s resources and its long-term financial health.

The Albuquerque Zen Center would like to thank everyone for their support over the past few months.